Adaptive Training

We all just want to feel good. Due to health conditions, injuries, and even age, training seems impossible at times. Knee injuries are one of the most common hindrances (and excuses that people use in order to not exercise). Not exercising, even if injured, can do more harm than good. That “week of rest” turns into 3 months, and before you know it, you have persistent joint pain and low energy due to not exercising.

Rehabilitation is crucial for people with any of the above listed conditions. And not just the physical rehabilitation the doctor suggests after surgery. We’re talking full-out adaptive workouts. It’s imperative to remember that the body adapts to the conditions it experiences. Due to this we must constantly train our bodies to be capable of handling anything that life throws at us.

If you’re aging, and want to feel more capable playing with kids/grandkids, or if you want to have less joint pain, we can help with that. Even if you’ve had surgery or have permanent physical limitations, we can work with you to create an adaptive exercise routine that builds you back up.

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